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    Web Development Course

    Magento 2 Boot Camp 2.0

    Magento - Leader

    According to the Gartner, Magento platform is the world leader in eCommerce. There are more than 370,000 Magento web stores that sell goods on $ 124 billion annually

    Powerful platform

    Magento is an extremely flexible, powerful and scalable system that easily handle 500,000 SKUs, 4 million page requests, and 50,000 orders per hour.

    High rates

    The average wage of Magento developer in Ukraine is $ 2000-3000. In the US and Switzerland - $ 7,500. Israel - $ 2000. $ 4,000 - in Great Britain

    Magento Community

    Magento community it's more than 315,000 programmers, 150,000 of them are active contributors. You can always contact and ask the community for advice. Interesting Magento events and dynamic development of the platform itself.


    Magento has detailed documentation and free basic courses on Magento U. But if you are going to get real knowledge, you need to practice and mentor support. The cost of Magento U courses varies between $195 and $3,750 per course.

    Magento 2 Boot Camp

    As Eltrino we've accumulated enough knowledge and experience to share with the Ukrainian IT community. Therefore, we developed an affordable course for those who makes the first steps in Magento 2.

    About the course

    Our Magento 2 Course is complex and covers backend and frontend, as both are interconnected in Magento. Elementary PHP base will be useful for frontend developers who customize the Magento Admin panel design, create an interface for custom modules, develop custom themes. Even if you need to make some minor changes to the HTML code created by the installed modules. This comprehensive knowledge allows you solving tasks independently, it establishes communication between backends and frontend developers. This flawless collaboration significantly affects the performance and quality of the final result.

    At Magento 2 Course we study the theoretical basis of Magento 2 Frontend and Backend development, to disassemble interesting cases from the Eltrino practice. And the most important, you will transform this knowledge into skills on practical tasks under the guidance of our experts, who will help you and answer all your questions in real time.

    Course Lecturers

    Magento Frontend

    Eugene Tereshchenko


    Magento Front End Developer

    44 visited countries, 10 years of web development, 7 of them are eCommerce development. He was working with Magento company, preferable on customizations for the Fortune 500 clients (unfortunately, we can't publish project names, as the are under the NDA). For 6 years in Eltrino Eugene worked on more than 12 projects, was involved in the Magento theme development and various customizations. Currently, he works on the interface of a new Brocard store (Magento 2.2).
    Magento Form Filler
    Lazy Tabs

    Basic requirements

    • Basic knowledge PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS (LESS/SASS), JS, XML (required)
    • Experience with PHP + MySQL + Apache/Nginx (optionally)

    Magento Backend

    Volodymyr Polishchuk


    Magento Certified Developer Plus

    Vova has been working with Magento 2 for more than 3 years. He developed an extension that won Magento 2 Extensions Challenge in 2015. He is working on several Magento 2 projects now.
    His secret weapon - pedagogical degree. Vova has the talent to explain complex things in so interesting and simple way that even, alternatively developed people understand;)

    Knowledge and skills you'll gain

    create Magento 2 modules

    UI modifications

    database changes

    admin modifications


    catalog and checkout structure

    functionality changes

    These skills are enough to pass MAGENTO 2 CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE DEVELOPER EXAM

    Note! This course isn't enough to pass MAGENTO 2 CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPER. To obtain this certification, you have to solve specific practical tasks. It requires 1-2 years of mastering Magento 2.

    You need this course, if:

    you've been developing for more than one year, as a freelancer or in a team.

    you need to develop a web store on Magento 2 from scratch or implement any customizations in an ongoing project.

    you need Magento 2 knowledge to pass the internal exam in the company

    your aim - foreign projects

    you have experience with Magento 1.x development and structured knowledge of Magento 2 the next step

    fronted and backend developers who are going to pass MAGENTO 2 CERTIFIED ASSOCIATE DEVELOPER EXAM

    Programm and duration of the course

    Course beginning - autumn 2019

    60 hours

    42 hours Magento 2 Backend
    18 hours Magento 2 Frontend

    3 months

    19:00 – 22:20 on Wednesdays
    10:00 – 13:20 on Saturdays

    3 hours

    + 20 min coffee break
    drinks and snacks - by the Eltrino :)
    Magento 2 Backend Development Topics
    1. Magento 2 Platform Overview and Architecture (Technology Stack, Code Base, Service Contract Approach, Components)
    2. Magento Installation (Git, Composer)
    3. Magento 2 Essential Concepts and Components
    4. Modules in Magento 2
    5. Controllers
    6. Layouts  
    7. Database in Magento 2: Models and Resource Models
    8. Magento 2 Widgets
    9. Events
    10. Payment, shipment, invoicing
    Magento 2 Frontend Development Topics
    1. Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2
    2. Theme Development
    3. Templates Customization
    4. i18n
    5. Deploy Static Content in Magento 2
    6. How to Use LESS in Magento 2
    7. Javascript in Magento 2
    8. UI components in Magento 2

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      According to the results of the final graduation task, the winner can choose:

      paid 2-month internship in Eltrino (wage depends on the level of knowledge, it determines on the interview)

      Advantages of studying in a group with a mentor

      - in the team you learn faster, as you can immediately find the answer to your question or solution to the problem

      - checking homework , timely fixing errors in the code
      better performance, there is no temptation to distract as with online courses

      team work. If you plan to work on big projects, you have to interact with other people in the most efficient way

      Why with Eltrino

      • 11 Magento Certified Developers
      • 250 000+ hours spent on Magento development
      • 8 years of experience , a wide range of up and running eCommerce projects for Fortune 500 clients from the US and other clients in Germany, Netherlands, Italy & France.
      • Eltrino's extensions are on Magento Marketplace
      • clients fromthe "Fortune 500
      • the team of ex-Core Magento (Varien) developerswho took part in the development of the platform since the very beginning

      Price of the course

      7000 UAH paid before August 1, 2019

      8500 UAH after August 1, 2019

      Book a seat (Ask a question)

      NOTE! To enroll in the course you have to pass the test (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL) which you'll receive on the specified email address.


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